It’s time to inspect your garages, tool sheds, and other miscellaneous storage areas!

We are starting the collection of tools for the sale. We will be placing a wheelbarrow out front of the entrance of the foyer.  We are asking that these tools be placed in and around the wheelbarrow in a tidy manner as to not impede or obstruct folks entering the building.  We will have someone at the wheelbarrow to assist in this process.  The wheelbarrow will be out front Wednesday evening for midweek service, Saturday evening, and both Sunday morning services.

If you have any questions or need someone to come pick your tools up, contact Van Gorder.
[email protected]

The proceeds of the tool sale will benefit, the missions field our church sponsors, and both the Women’s and Men’s ministries.

these items need to be collected before June 21st. We will have the donation documents for tax purposes available, but it is important to note that the church cannot access a value on the item.  You will be required to do that yourself.