Hiking Ministry

Our hiking ministry is a great way to fellowship with each other while enjoying the outdoors! If you like to join us on a hike please sign up below.

We meet once a month on a Saturday.

Sign up online to receive emails for schedule hike days!

Meet us for a gentle hike, and fellowship in the Lord 7:45 AM sharp in the church parking lot. We will arrange carpools to take us to and from the trailhead.

Please bring $3 to give to your driver to contribute towards gas and the park pass. If you are driving, you will need to pay for a parking pass for your vehicle. (Usually $6-7.)

Hikes follow a trail and are about 4 miles. There is also a smaller 2-mile hike option for those who don’t want to hike as far.

Bring water, (2 or 3 bottles recommended) and lunch.
We usually return to Calvary Chapel between 1 and 2 PM.