Bob and Jeanne Claycamp

Bob and Jeanne work actively in Exeter, England, providing ministerial support on many levels for pastors. They work with a team of other pastors through many world regions coaching, mentoring, and providing support and encouragement to the many pastors on the front line of the battlefield, teaching the gospel throughout the world.

Catie Smith

Catie is serving in the poor and remote island regions of the Philippines and desires to bless the people that she lives around. Her passion is to establish communities of believers for Jesus Christ in this impoverished country, where few have heard the Gospel. Catie’s heart’s desire is to connect with the Lord, observing the work that He is doing, and …

Kyle, Krista, Aidan and Liam Fox

The fox family who lives in Belem, Brazil desires to be involved in planting a Calvary Chapel Church in the region. They also are also ministering to those who are involved in human trafficking throughout Brazil. The Fox family has a website where you can keep up to date with there ministry and view their newsletter they send out. Click …

Jeff and Karen Merry

Jeff and Karen provide pastoral care and counseling for Christian workers serving with Ministry Essentials, Hungary, in challenging global environments. Jeff is a worship and pastoral counselor, and Karen a licensed professional counselor addressing trauma recovery, compassion care, and clergy fatigue. They live in a small town on the outskirts of Budapest

Far Reaching Ministries

Working throughout Uganda and South Sudan, Africa this ministry offers love and hope to orphans who have lost their families. They seek to provide spiritual care to those affected by the ethnic and religious cleansing in Africa, also training chaplains for the army of South Sudan. Upon graduation, the chaplains are immediately commissioned and sent to minister at the front …

Robert and Alicia Lawrence

Robert and Alicia run the first accredited theological Seminary in Sonora, Mexico history. Alicia teaches English, and Robert teaches both bachelor and master level courses to 35 students. The school does not charge tuition, it is funded by churches and students raising support while they are in school.

Terry, Cyndi, and Levi (Joshua, Matthew, Caleb-US) Cirre

The Cirre’s serve in Papua New Guinea, and their primary is working at a children’s home (Hotel) in Ukarumpa, where they care for the many children of parents on translation teams and other mission areas.  Terry also travels throughout the country sharing Jesus through film and various teachings.

OTAN Ministries

A couple we support work throughout China sharing the Good News with many. Much of their work is equipping the people of various regions to go and share with others, building them up in the faith as taught by our Lord Jesus.