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Welcome To Calvary!

WHAT CAN I EXPECT ON MY FIRST VISIT? The most important emphasis of our lives is to glorify God. He has done awesome things, and we want to sit at His feet, express our thanks and praise unto Him, and honor Him by learning more about him. At each of the services, there is an emphasis on praise, worship, and …

Prison Ministry

We believe that no life is beyond the reach of God’s power. Our mission is to pray and share God’s Word with those who are in the local prisons in an effort to impact their lives for Christ and encourage them to move on into a deeper relationship with him. (John 3:30) Contact: Chris Compacci at [email protected]  

Prayer Team

Our prayer team meets in the front of the sanctuary after each service, ready to pray with those in need. As individuals pray to receive Christ, they also provide New Believer packets as resource to help them navigate their new walk with the Lord. Contact: Rico Jamey Reyes at [email protected]

Parking Team

Our goal is to ensure a safe and welcoming experience to all who come. The process of a effectively moving vehicles in and out of the parking lot requires a well orchestrated team of volunteers. Contact: Daniel “Dan” Holloran at the [email protected]

Caring Cooks

Our mission involves taking meals to those in our church body that may have had surgery, a new baby, or an illness that prevents them from cooking for themselves or their families as they recover. Contact: Charity McClure at [email protected]

Love In Action

Love in Action is a ministry reaching out to assist those who are facing difficult situations and need assistance. We encourage shut ins, assist with emergency needs, and provide volunteers to a local senior care center. If you would like more information please contact Peggy Henry at [email protected] or leave your name and number at 623-875-5416.

Visitations Ministry

If you or someone you know would desire a visit in a hospital or home, please call the church office to setup a visit. You can also fill out a form online on our App or in myCCSurprise to setup a visitation. If you would like to be a part of this ministry, fill out a volunteer application on our …


Our purpose is to welcome and provide seating assistance to families and individuals entering the Sanctuary. In addition, the usher team helps to facilitate the serving of Communion and assists in receiving the weekly tithes and offerings during the worship service. Contact: Roy Wiley at [email protected]

Medical Response Team

This ministry offers trained emergency medical support in the Sanctuary as well as the Children’s areas. Contact: Kevin Powell at [email protected] (All applications require a background check)