Our Model

Our aim is to have opportunities to encourage each student through:

  • Bible Study… The Word of God is fundamental in being rooted in Christ Jesus and is always the center of each Bible Study or other events.

  • Small group fellowship… A time for students to reflect, share, pray and ask questions. Each student will be assigned a leader and a group for follow up on each Bible study.

  • Discipleship Groups… Whether it is one on one or a group discipleship, we believe it is important for students to be discipled as they walk with Jesus.

  • Monthly activities & Camps…From bowling, laser tag, paint ball, castle and coasters, to Summer Camp, we love to provide opportunities for students to fellowship in a Christ-centered environment.

  • Service, Outreach & Missions… We believe it is vital for each student’s growth to have as many opportunities to serve the Lord as possible. Service and outreach opportunities range from within the church, to our city, to nations worldwide.